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F4 After story - So Yi Jung [edited with true GaEul voice]

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Here is the youtube link of the F4 Special - Yi Jung cut with the true Ga Eul voice that I editted. This is the first time I have editted clip so the end part sounded quite rough.
Anyway, just want to share ^^!

Credit huyentran2502 for the upload.

Thanks huyentran2502 and/or Anonymous for the above!!!

One love wrote...
owh so sweet!
CF right ? i hope i can see when it's out.
Thx for sharing :D

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OMG!! i love the pics too!!
hugging and holding hands..
waah!! love them!!

gelic wrote...
OMG!!! I LOVE IT!! SO SWEET~!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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3 writeups...

Source: Hankyung
Credit: Kpopped!

This article is with the photos of So-Eun holding the roses.

Kim So-eun embraces adulthood

Kim So-eun (born 6 Sept, 1989) who has enjoyed great success after appearing on the hit drama Boys Before Flowers turns 20 this year! In an article in sidusHQ's Magazine [ i(ai) ], Kim talks about her transition from teenager to adulthood. A Bar Mitzvah of sorts if you will.

Clutching 20 roses - to represent a year for each rose, Kim says "I really do not know if I become an adult this year. My parents are afraid to take a back seat (when it comes to making decisions) but I pray it will be thrilling. I feel liberated."

When asked what she wants as a gift, Kim replied "I want to receive a camera. I like photography very much."

Kim also expressed that she would like to travel to Greece. She would also like to go to Egypt and is interested in ancient civilizations. "I've only seen pyramids in photo books. I would like to see pyramids for real and touch them."

Kim talked briefly about her current projects i.e. the movie 4th Period Murder Mystery and up and coming KBS drama The Man Who Can't Get Married. She asked her fans for their support, love and to cheer her on.

Kim will also be active at the of Republic of Korea International Youth Film Festival (3 - 6 June) as she has been appointed an ambassador at the event.


Kim So Eun Embraces Coming-of-Age Day
Actress Kim So Eun who has gained immense popularity after appearing in Boys Before Flowers, will soon be embracing her coming-of-age day on 18th May (also known as adult ceremony day which falls on the Monday of the third week in May every year in Korea). She expressed, "I will become an adult very soon and feel that I will have to shoulder more responsibility all of a sudden. I am also feeling a bit scared because I will be leaving the comforting arms of my parents. While elated at the freedom that comes after this, I am also nervous at the same time."

When asked what present does she hope to receive on 18th May, So Eun expressed, "I love taking pictures so I hope to get a camera. I have an eye on a certain model and it would be great if I got that!" When asked about what she wanted to do the most after becoming an adult, So Eun said, "I hope to go on a backpacking vacation to Egypt or Greece because I have a keen interest in ancient civilizations/relics." But it's unlikely that her wish will be fulfilled at the present moment, seeing how packed her schedule is.

Finally, So Eun said, "I congratulate those who will soon become adults too. I hope that everyone will have a enjoyable coming-of-age day because that's the only time where one can experience the euphoria of being an adult for the first time in their life."

Kim So Eun is currently in the midst of filming for her movie Fourth Period Murder Mystery 4 and drama The Man Who Can't Get Married. The drama will premiere on June 15th while the movie will hit cinemas around late July or early August.

All there were revealed in SidusHQ's online magazine for May where a set of 8 HQ pictures accompanied the short interview.

Prettier than the 20 roses that she is holding.


The Man Who Can’t Get Married script reading and press day
May 6th, 2009 // by javabeans

The Man Who Can’t Get Married is a new KBS series that will replace Story of a Man come June. You may already know that it is based on the popular Japanese drama Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (which means “man who can’t get married”), which aired in 2006

The drama held a script reading–cum–press conference on May 6 at the Yongpyong Selra Resort in Kyeonggi province, attended by its main stars Ji Jin-hee (of Spotlight; isn’t he looking adorable?), Uhm Jung-hwa (Insadong Scandal), and Kim So-eun (Boys Before Flowers).

The strength of the original has the cast admittedly feeling the burden of living up to expectations, as lead actor Ji Jin-hee explains: “Because it was a very popular drama series in Japan, I feel a tremendous amount of pressure. The actor in the original [Abe Hiroshi] was good-looking and comical and acted so perfectly that it’s a burden to live up to. Fortunately, most Koreans haven’t seen it, which is some consolation. In the first part, we’ll be remaking some portions to show character things and there will be a lot of similarities [to the original].
Ji Jin-hee’s character is described as the type to say exactly what he’s thinking. But he’s not unlikable, because he has a warmth to his character despite it: “He’s good at his job and perfect in everything, but he’s not aware that he’s the outsider. He’s not interested in that. When asked, ‘Why don’t you marry?’ he isn’t stressed out by it at all. He’s the type to say, ‘Why would I ?’ I have to make sure to depict him so he’s not unlikable.”

Uhm Jung-hwa, meanwhile, plays an unmarried 40-year-old dentist. She harbors lingering pain from a failed first love, but she’s described as warm, kind, and competent. Uhm says, “We’re actually the same age, and I feel similarly to her in a lot of ways.” She isn’t like Uhm’s usual characters, however, in that she’s not a trendy or particularly fashionable type, and is more focused on her work.

Kim So-eun jumps from high schooler in Boys Before Flowers to playing older than her age as an office employee in her mid-twenties (Kim is 19) who is a close neighbor to Ji Jin-hee’s character and also comes into an acquaintance with Yoo Ah-in (Yoo Ah-in!) of Antique Bakery. Kim is currently on leave from school (she just started at university not long ago) to act in this project.

The Man Who Can’t Get Married also features Yang Jung-ah (Mom’s Dead Upset) and VJ Dan-ji (I Am Sam). It airs on Mondays and Tuesdays on KBS in June.

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